Clerk's office is located on the first floor of the Judicial Center at 69 W Hill St, Wabash, IN

Clerk of Courts

The Clerk of the Circuit and Superior Courts is a county elected official who serves as an officer of the court and the manager of court information. The Clerk administers the official court records for all trial court cases with jurisdiction in Wabash County, prepares the permanent historical records for the courts, and processes and issues various documents for court cases. As a member of the Election Board, the Clerk oversees, conducts and certifies the results for all federal, state, county, township, municipal, special, and school board elections.

What We Do:

•Receipt court costs, fees and fines for all court cases including Traffic Tickets

•Collect and disburse Child Support payments

•Process marriage applications and issues marriage license

•Receive filings and process new cases for Civil, Criminal, Family Relations, Probate and Small Claims

•Issue various court documents including arrest warrants, commitments, protective orders, service of process and writs

•Conduct Elections

•Voter Registration

•Process Passports

We now accept credit card payments for court cost, fines and fees. you can click on this link to make a payment now:

Download 2018GeneralElectionResults.pdf2018GeneralElectionResults

Download Notice and Proposed Spec Judge Rule Amendments.pdfNotice and Proposed Spec Judge Rule Amendments